The Insatech Calibration Laboratory is accredited by DANAK (Danish Accreditation and Metrology Fund) under accreditation CAL Reg.No. 484.

To achieve this accreditation our laboratory Quality Assurance system, calibration methods and technical competences have been inspected and audited
by the Danish authority DANAK, and meets all requirements of ISO17025:2005.

We know that our customers appreciate working with professional and competent partners. Having worked in the field of calibration for a long time, we have built up a large knowledge base and a lot of experience. To document the quality of the work being done, we decided to seek accreditation in the field of conductivity, to enable primarily our customers in the pharmaceutical industry to be able to get a well documented and traceable means of calibrating their conductivity equipment to the standards required by USP (United States Pharmacopeia) or EP (European Pharmacopoeia). We can also perform accredited calibration of massflowmeters.

We are one of the few laboratories in the world to be able to offer conductivity calibration of master meters that will enable users to calibrate their meters for use in the pure water areas, and actually conform to e.g. USP requirements.

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